Our Business Model

3 markets, 3 activities, 1 unique business model across the MENA region

Our unique business model is reflected in the underlying fashion platform as we are engaged in all phases of the apparel supply chain textile, apparel manufacturing and distribution, and expand across the three market segments — Luxury, Formal and Casual Wear— satisfying different clients.
The company produces and/or sources high quality textiles, which are used to create menswear garments to be distributed via the company’s worldwide network of partners and brands.


Retail Our international presence expand through our partners’ and our clients’ global networks including Pal Zileri, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Massimo Dutti.
Our Garments are also distributed locally through networks of our home-grown brand Concrete and our home grown-department store Brandshub.co

Garments produced by the formal wear line are distributed through our UK subsidiary, Baird Group, its managed brands networks and through our clients at the Iberian Markets


Casual wear products are distributed in Europe and the United States via retailers such as Banana Republic, PVH and JCPenney.
APPAREL & TAILORING Experts at Egypt Tailoring Company our state of the art garment making facility design and create elegant men’s full and half canvas suits at 10th of Ramadan.
High quality shirts produced at Camegit, our Joint Venture with Ermenegildo Zegna at Beni Sweif’s complex
Our mother company for garment manufacturing, Swiss Garments (SGC) produces formal wear garments Affordable casual garments are produced at Beni Sweif’s Industrial Complex.
Men’s casual woven bottoms are produced at Swiss Cotton Garments Company (SCGC),
and menswear shirts are produced at Cristall for Making Shirts
TEXTILE High-quality Italian Fabrics are sourced to serve luxurious high-end brands we manufacture for. GoldenTex facility at 10th of Ramadan produces yarns and high-quality Wool and wool-blended fabrics.
Fabrics are exported to external clients mainly in Europe as well as being sold to the garment facilities within the group.
Casual wear operations source cotton based fabrics mainly from manufacturers in Asia and Turkey